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Every journey starts with a first step. In this introductory meeting, you'll chat with me to see if I'm the therapist for you. Call it a vibe check where you'll learn more about my modernized counseling style and the logistics behind beginning therapy such as rates, scheduling, insurance coverage, and more. 


In these weekly or biweekly sessions, I will assist you in identifying the roadblocks in your life that are causing challenges like depression, anxiety, relationship troubles, difficulty with decision making, and more. These ongoing sessions are meant to unearth the reasons behind stagnant behavior patterns, explore trauma, or even help decide your next big steps in life. If you are looking to bill insurance or utilize a health care spending account, you must be a California resident to utilize this particular service. 


If you're not a California resident but are still interested in culturally competent sessions, this option is for you. These sessions offer more flexibility with scheduling, including a monthly 90-minute session option. Life coaching is ideal for those seeking guidance with a specific problem area or in need of a one-time refresher. Whether you're looking for regular biweekly meetings or a different schedule, this life coaching track is designed as a customizable approach to your healing journey. 

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